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BookStaySave was designed to conveniently find and reserve hotels near you.

Allow BookStaySave to effortlessly find a location for your hospitality needs.

BookStaySave Defined

BookStaySave is a premier hotel website and mobile application. BookStaySave will enable guests to find locations and make effortless reservations from one centralized location. Once on the website, guests will be able to filter their search to cater to their needs and view featured hotels and resorts. Guests will also have the ability to read reviews that other travelers have posted, view pictures of the hotel, view the amenities and even see any specials or promotions running at that time on a location’s page.


Book and enjoy

It's simple; book and go. No more hassles or inaccurate information. BookStaySave is updated in real-time at each location.

NEULT Technology

BookStaySave uses SoftPoint's patent pending process to help you quickly find locations and people you have some commonality with.

Highly Responsive

BookStaySave is integrated into our full suite of products, allowing your requests to go straight to someone that will fulfil them.

About Us


About Us

Looking for somewhere to stay? With BookStaySave, you will not only be able to view amenities, pictures, read reviews, and make reservations, but you will also be able to book reservations as well. This will save you time and open up possibilities to consumers. In addition, SoftPoint knows how important it is to keep up with "on the go" lives of consumers. This is why we created BookStaySave in both website and mobile application form that accommodates to this common lifestyle in today’s world.

About SoftPoint

SoftPoint is a leading technology provider, whose state-of-the-art products and services are designed to reinvent the shopping, dining, managing and operating experience for today’s businesses and consumers through an integrated platform.

BookStaySave is one of the many consumer applications created by the minds of SoftPoint to help consumers find what they're looking for and keep track of what they enjoy. Learn more about SoftPoint and our products at

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