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SoftPoint was designed to centralize all of your business activities. Whether that is for the management of an outlet, the operations of the business or for the interaction and services offered to your clients. Our suite of solutions and services gives businesses of all sorts the ability to conquer their point of sale needs.

Currently, customers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to receive the best service a restaurant, retail store or hotel can provide. They are booking reservations and placing orders on-the-go, as well as using their mobile devices to make transactions. Consequently, businesses with versatile and adaptable technologies are bound for success using today’s technology. Businesses need to be able to meet the fast paced demands of customers quickly and efficiently, while allowing them to manage staff and operations remotely, without any need of being present.

For these reasons, it is critical to have a complete and integrated system, combined with a trusted partner that is committed to assist your business in a time of need. From improving and optimizing your customer’s experience, to effectively and efficiently providing your staff with the technology needed to exceed your customer’s expectations, a business needs a partner that will be able to take advantage of today’s resources and turn them into profitability. Welcome to SoftPoint.

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Get to Know SoftPoint

SoftPoint takes your business from Point A to Point B by providing all of the tools you need to run your business from one comprehensive environment.

When we set out to create SoftPoint we wanted to eliminate manual processes and all of the disconnected systems used today. Whether you’re in the Food & Beverage, Hotel, or Retail industry, we have all of the tools to keep your business running smoothly.


All in One Environment

We understand the importance of making a uniform based technology that could be used for other common uses where you have access to all of your pages and projects.

Our cloud environment unifies all of your processes into one single platform where you can access your entire front of the house and back of the house operations. This will free up your time to more effectively manage your business and stay better informed about your clients and their trends.


Make it Simple

As operators ourselves, it was our goal from the beginning to create products that are intuitive and simple. We understand the importance of making a uniform based technology that could be used for other common uses where you have access to all of your pages and projects.

With SoftPoint's simple and easy-to-use interfaces, navigating through your products and creating analytical reports now become effortless.


Know Your Customers

SoftPoint provides you with the tools and resources to truly understand and know your consumers. With our tools, you can control reservations and promotions from one centralized location.

SoftPoint uses a distributed customer management system that will track clients seamlessly. Once they connect to your business you will have the ability to socially and commercially work with consumers directly. Promoting your business will be stress-free through our various consumer applications that are available to your customers on our behalf.


Go Mobile

Let's face it, they're everywhere and they will soon replace computers as we know it. Mobile devices that take orders and fulfill other needs have been available for quite some time, but not without a cost. SoftPoint has now made it possible for users and their staff to use their own device to connect their location, allowing users to offer mobile services to their clients.

We have also redesigned the menu to have it automated which will allow you to display promotions, daily features and update prices instantaneously- all without having to reprint a menu.


Ease of Learning with LearnTube

Most products install their software, train you, leave you to fend for yourself and offer you limited support. At SoftPoint we know the challenges of changing your systems. Being operators ourselves, we understand that you’re only as good as your best user.

Because of this we created LearnTube. LearnTube is a software training tool focused in the food & beverage, hospitality, retail and more industry specific technology. Our training tutorial video libraries with online courses help managers ensure their employees are retaining the knowledge of the software used throughout the work place properly.


Let's Get Started

After reading and viewing all of our cutting-edge products, you are left with a decision of whether or not to stay with your old and usual products or upgrade to our new and efficient suite of products. If you decide to utilize our products, we guarantee that we will work with you every step of the way despite any scheduling, personal or business issues.

The transition has never been easier to convert, as we have tools and services to take what you have now and create a new and improved business for you. Once you have finally made the transition, we believe that you will ask yourself why you didn't make the change sooner. Join us and you will see how smoothly your business will run when it is all integrated into one easy-to-use platform.


SoftPoint was designed for the sole purpose of taking away technology from businesses that are not by nature, in the technology business.


What Does SoftPoint Provide?

Learn more about what we provide and how we provide it.

Industry Knowledge &

SoftPoint uses state of the art technology & has years of combined on-hand experience and success within the hospitality industry.

Cloud Computing &

With SoftPoint at the helm, your data is secure and hosting is made seamless. No hardware to manage, just connect and operate.

Implementation &
Ongoing Training

SoftPoint will get you up and running instantly and will constantly keep you updated using our state of the art LearnTube.

Consumer & Social
Media Integration

SoftPoint has the ability to keep you connected to your clients' demands and needs like never before.

What you will find in every SoftPoint product.

SoftPoint's suite of cloud products are designed to work in unison. For the first time you will find one company that automates your entire operations, from the front and back of the house to your vendors and beyond and most importantly, your clients.

Integrated technology for businesses & consumers

SoftPoint’s applications are fully compatible with one another to provide you total accessibility, allowing you to run all of your business functions from one platform!

Cloud Computing

Our products all run through a centralized cloud-computing environment. Your information is no longer held hostage by proprietary systems.

All Business Functions

SoftPoint has taken all of your business functions and created advancement programs in order to reduce your manual or disconnected workload.

Immediate results on your current activities

SoftPoint provides a host of data reports that are instantly available and accessible from anywhere, whether you're in the storeroom, at the market, or at home.

It's Live

Most systems are process based, which means you typically get results daily and then you feed it into another system to get your end results. SoftPoint gives you up to date results when you need it.

Educated Decisions

With real-time data and results you will be able to make better decisions and know when things are not exactly how they should be so you can act upon it immediately.

Access your business from your mobile device

All of our products are accessible from any mobile device. Our products are natively designed to work as a standalone or on a network. This allows you the freedom to work in any location or environment.

Staff Devices

Our products are built with an identifying security mode and proximity monitoring system. This allows the staff at your location to use their own devices to manage messages, check lists and even take orders.

WiFi Splash

We have recently created software that you can install on your Wi-Fi device; this allows you to promote your business more and allows customers to buy more services directly.

Your data accessibility & safety is our top priority

SoftPoint provides data security you can count on. We use industry standards to ensure that your data is safe. Your payments and bills are all located in one place so you know your business is secure.


“In the cloud” doesn't mean up in the sky. It means visible and available at all times. And with this visibility comes insured backups and safety of accessibility. Your data is protected like never before.


We host our software and your information for you in our state of the art facilities. There is no more need for servers and backups cramming up your office. Our hosting takes away the risk and the headaches of managing your information locally.

All your processes in one simple to use suite

Track all of your sales, inventory, and staff productivity for your locations with SoftPoint. This is the benefit of an environment where all of what you do is accessible from one centralized platform.

Full Suite

We compile everything that you do and allow you to do it from one concise tool. You no longer need seperate software for operations, inventory and attendance because we have it all-in-one.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, our software allows you to centrally manage them. This means you can view inventory, sales, staff and anything else you need from a single display. If you have multiple industry locations, we can consolidate them for you.

Simplify back of the house

Businesses can only survive if they know in advance how to adapt. Our products will allow you to take full control of your business operations, especially in your back office. This will give you more freedom with less stress.


Our products allow you to implement more controls so you work less trying to find variances and deficiencies. Our inventory, cost, purchasing and reporting tools are all integrated into your sales and receivables and payable for immediate information.

By the Numbers

Getting to your bottom-line has never been easier. Knowing where you stand, not just as a whole, but for every shift, every item, every type of business and everything else occurring within your business, is easy with our suite of products.

Run on any terminal of any type

SoftPoint runs on any desktop that can connect to the internet. Take full advantage of Smartphones and Tablets as well. There is no need to upgrade your current platform to regain your business.

Existing Equipment

We know the largest waste of time and effort is in replacing equipment which is why we have made our products work on any desktop platform. Regardless of what product you are using, we'll ensure you there's no need to change it out for a new device.


Technology is always changing, but with SoftPoint we are always mindful of the latest technology. Simply set up a tablet, a printer and a drawer and you are ready for business. Our equipment packages are as low as $399 for a ready to go starter kit.


SoftPoint environment offers key areas of success that will simplify the way you do business and maximize your offering.



Simplify Operations

Our Cloud Servers offer optimal round the clock access and guaranteed uptime. Use SoftPoint to run and manage your website.



Increase Accuracy

Access previous transactions and any history information as needed for chargebacks, business trending and yielding.



Available Worldwide

Allow your clients to find you anytime and to access your business for all points of sales.



Reduce Cost

Process transaction from one centralize cloud offering. Use volume to reduce banking fees and increase purchasing power.

Learn more about the services we offer

SoftPoint is not just about features and products- neither of these are relevant without the excellent services we couple with our offerings.

About Services

Not just a great suite of products, but also a suite of services to help you every step of the way...

SoftPoint offers products to better organize and streamline the work flow of both small and large service companies, making them more manageable and profitable. Our goal is to produce a suite of products that encompasses all business functions, and produce a series of services that you can utilize beyond your technological programs and products. You can now improve your management of customers, vendors, affiliates, employees, and billing with SoftPoint services. These services provide you more time to grow your business by gaining new customers and ensuring ultimate loyalty. Continue to learn more about the great services we offer at SoftPoint!


Tap into a network of consultants and developers that know your business

SoftPoint provides assistance and consulting services in helping you better run your business. SoftPoint applications can be tailored specifically to meet your business needs. Most of our functions can be customized, and if needed, we will add more for you.

ChefedIN Network

SoftPoint has access to a slew of consultants at your fingertips, specializing in various areas of expertise available through our ChefedIN Network. ChefedIN is a network of industry professionals that you can use to help on most, if not all, of your needs. Now, you have a team of people specializing in your industry for help and advice to make your business run more smoothly.


Know what’s happening ahead of time

SoftPoint provides the industry’s leading prevention service for your business to prevent any harmful activity. Unlike any other software in the industry we have built-in notifications that warn you when your information may be at risk. This service is offered free to all subscribed users, giving you valuable information when needed. Receive notifications either by email or SMS of preset controls or occurrences. These controls can be added to any of our suite of products. You can control failures to process check lists, closed times for reservations, when you're not at capacity and when you are over and on short notifications at the time of the occurrence. This level of prevention will reduce the time expended addressing issues and notify you of actions necessary for occurrences or future events.

Cloud Hosting

No more IT management or Servers to contend with

SoftPoint manages everything for you by hosting your data on our secure cloud servers; this allows you to focus on your business, and more importantly, on your clients and not on servers, backups and IT nightmares. Combined with our products is the functionality you need to run your business. Here are a few of our key features:


SoftPoint Cloud Servers allow you to run faster and more efficiently than ever. There are also no more upgrades to worry about because we maintain an efficient system built for your business.


SSL and token-based credentials for remote access & end-user authentication. Available Firewalls, VLANs, and 128-bit and 256-bit encryption algorithms maintains your data security in transit and at rest. SoftPoint Cloud is housed in world-class datacenters, powered by end-to-end owned facilities & network.


SoftPoint gives you the ability to change your infrastructure configuration in real-time without having to rebuild or replace your environment. This means if you expand we expand right with you and you won't need to add additional equipment to do so. This is ideal for multiple location businesses.


As each transaction is processed, SoftPoint backs it up by default so you don't have to worry about your data. You will then know who made every single change and can even alert you when unscheduled users are signed in.

Your information is in good hands...

Data Reporting

Analyze your information in ways you never thought of...

As industry and business owners, we know that information is the key to success. SoftPoint understands how important it is to keep its users informed. With our integrated suite of products you are able to see information in a new light. By centralizing and processing operations you can see trends and variances that you can't see in dispirit systems today until after the occurrence. As sales, purchases, cost and labor data are all collected from your location, our internal reporting system crunches numbers. This allows you to view all that has taken place by adding formulas and then giving a snapshot of what's to come. This will allow you to make potential changes, as well as fast and accurate decision making.

Customer Relations

Know Your Customers and Their Needs

SoftPoint allows locations to take control of their most important asset, their clients. With our integrated Customer Relation Management System any location, small or large, can turn a current client into a returning client. Our Customer Relation Management Product is built into all of our products which allows you to gather information and use that to find trends to better your business with. A unique feature of SoftPoint allows businesses to not only track guests that have paid, but all guests at the location. We also have a series of non-intrusive methods. These are either at the time of reservation or at the closing of the check to gather all of the patrons. Even if you don't get the ability to capture the guest, you can use a loyalty program, a sign-in program or even an event driven registration to view guest information. With our Customer Relation Management you will be able to reach out to your clients and remind them of your establishment, as well as receive feedback from your clients in order to find a solution or acknowledge a job well done. SoftPoint provides this service at a small cost that eliminates the work of having to do it in-the-house. This means that your customers will receive recognition and loyalty immediately and the follow up they desire to come back to you again and again.

Revenue Management

Maximize Your Sales and Manage Your Offers

We know how competitive the market is today. In order to find a level playing field you need to make concessions. But these adjustments come at a steep cost and at times that can’t show you their true benefits. SoftPoint has created Revenue Management tools to keep track of your sales sources. We then take a look at trends and your final sales to see how discounts and promotions were applied. With this information we can make recommendations as to what sales direction your business should take when it comes to productions and consolidators.

Yield Management

In the near future, we will offer the industries a first yield management system that will allow you to make better sales and marketing decisions. Our tools will be integrated into our product, which allows us to see your location information and compare it to other locations without sharing data for the benefit of all of SoftPoint users.



Complete Suite of Cloud Computing Products

SoftPoint offers products for all areas of your operations in order to centralize everything you do so you can spend more time running your business.

About Us


About SoftPoint

Currently, customers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to receive the best service at restaurants, retail stores or hotels. They are booking reservations and placing orders on-the-go, as well as using their mobile devices to make transactions. Consequently, businesses with versatile and adaptable technologies are bound for success with today’s technology. Businesses need to be able to meet the fast paced demands of customers quickly and efficiently, while allowing them to manage their staff and operations without the need of being present.

A Team You Can Trust

For these reasons, it is critical to have a complete and integrated system, combined with a trusted partner that is committed to assist your business in a time of need. From improving and optimizing your customers' experience, to effectively and efficiently providing your staff with the technology needed to exceed your customers' expectations, a business needs a partner that will be able to take advantage of today’s resources and turn it into profitability. This trusted partner is!

The Founders

  • With Mr. Rivadalla's extensive knowledge in hospitality point of sales and property management systems, SoftPoint came to him for guidance in the development of their large cloud based product. Initially acting as an advisory and angel investor, Mr. Rivadalla has now come aboard to put his "know hows" to use in maturing SoftPoint as a company. Since joining, he has spearheaded the large development team and implemented his rapid development and automation methodologies.

  • Christian Rivadalla has been a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in the world of technology and hospitality. After working at ideaSolv for several years, where he had the opportunity to assist in creating several successful business ventures, he created SoftPoint. At SoftPoint he currently focuses on providing businesses within the hotel, retail and restaurant industry innovative Point of Sales systems that provides a single platform for management and processes of multiple areas.


Built Into All Of Our Products

LearnTube is a software training tool focused on the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail, and more industry specific to technology.

Our training tutorial video library with online courses, help managers ensure their employees are retaining the knowledge of the software used throughout the work place, properly.

Streamline Training

Our interactive, online, just-in-time training solutions have been offering personalized, innovative solutions to keep you and your staff up to date and trained.

To learn more visit us at



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