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The advanced expertise of the SoftPoint support team, combined with our state-of-the-art Help Desk, guarantees that you can count on fast and efficient support for your account 24/7. Our support team members have expert knowledge, not only in web application issues, but with industry knowledge as well.

There are limitless opportunities in every community for SoftPoint's suite of products and services. Individual establishments or corporate clients can immediately benefit from our easy to use and ground breaking solutions that help businesses run smoother and more efficiently.


If you require support please press the HELP button from within any of our operational Panels. We will immediately intercept your request and assist you. If you cannot access our software for whatever reason please contact us at +1 (480) 745-3049 .

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Lets us answer your most Frequent Questions

This section contains answers to commonly-asked questions about our products and services.

What makes SoftPoint services and products unique, is that we don't JUST specialize in Point of Sale systems, consumer websites, and reservation management, etc. As previous restaurant and hotel owners, our founders saw the complexity in running various businesses and have come up with an all-in-one solution.

As pioneers in a single integrated solution for the hospitality industry, we strive to bring the same concept to the restaurant industry and forever change the way a restaurant is run, and a consumers dining experience today!

You can be up and running in just a week depending on how big the order is and where you are located.

In most circumstances the answer is simply yes! Our Support and Development team can come in and look at the current system in place and configure our products to work with them. Any of our products can be integrated into the current system in place.

SoftPoint offers custom designed solutions at an affordable price that can be produced at a rapid pace. We strive to make the best possible product for consumers and clients alike, so if you request additional functions to be added to the application and SoftPoint deems it as a "general" enhancement, SoftPoint can upgrade the application with your suggestion, FREE OF CHARGE!

SoftPoint stores all of your information on redundant servers located in secure, offsite server farms. All of your information is stored there for maximum efficiency and security.

You will need a business internet connection employing DSL speeds or better with 2 static IP addresses. Call your local internet provider to set up the internet prior to installing your new POS system from SoftPoint.

SoftPoint has multiple ways of sending your To Go, Deliveries, and Reservations that are made through BookEatSave, including: email, fax, phone and through our VisualPrep application, allowing the order or reservation to automatically be printed once received. We are in the process of having an interface with existing POS companies, so that if they are using NCR(Aloha), Micros, Digital Dining, etc. the order or reservation will come up directly on your POS hardware.

SoftPoint's products are deployed in a PCI compliant configuration. The software is compliant, the hardware is compliant, and the network is compliant. SoftPoint utilizes Network Intercept's Mobile Security Encryption System, which is more secure than what PCI compliance requires, making the server hack proof.

It is a good business practice to always have a backup plan in place. For example, if your electricity goes out, a backup battery or generator can keep you up and running. The iPad itself has a built-in ten hour battery backup. For uninterrupted Internet service, you should sign up for 3G on your router. In the event the Internet goes out, the 3G card automatically reconnects to the closest cell tower.

Your information is kept at two separate data centers. The servers within each data center back up your information by a redundancy factor of 4.

Your information can be accessed through the SoftPoint Dashboard at any time from any computer. With real-time and immediate reporting, the SoftPoint Dashboard makes it easy to manage your property from anywhere.

Support employees at SoftPoint are the only individuals that can access your information when given permission by you. You can allow or deny access to various aspects of your information to your employees by utilizing password protection and limiting their access to certain features.

The SoftPoint Support team is on hand at all times, and should something go wrong with one of our products or services, they can be contacted for immediate assistance to resolve any problems that you may be having via Email or Phone. As a software and technology development company we can not only resolve issues you might face, but with your help, we hope to work with you to improve our products and services.

No, they are wireless, but if you wish to keep your existing cable products such as printers, we are able to connect those to communicate with our systems.

SoftPoint has created training videos to show you how to enter your menu items and modifiers. This simplified menu entering system can easily be changed through your dashboard at any time. For an additional fee SoftPoint can also configure your menu for you.

Using our online video training and certification program called LearnTube, employees can quickly learn how to use any of our products and demonstrate product knowledge by taking an online test. Managers can acquaint themselves with the same training experience. Although, if you wish for a SoftPoint Training and Implementation Instructor to come to your location, for an additional fee you can schedule that upon completion of your order.

SoftPoint products are pre-integrated with PayPal and We are currently in the process of making FirstData available as well.

On a PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

On a Mac: OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), or 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer

SmartPhone: Apple, Android or Windows.

Tablet: Apple, Android or Windows.

Addiotnal Questions

If you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about SoftPoint Products and Services, please contact us at


Interconnecting with SoftPoint

SoftPoint is an open source cloud-computing environment. Our goal is to make our products and services available to our clients and other external businesses in order to provide a better industry solution.

To achieve this, we have created a series of public API's that can be used to offer services and features, internally and externally, to your clients. Here is what we offer.


SoftPoint Reservation API opens up the SoftPoint platform to developers and clients alike, to be able to manage reservations for restaurants and nightlife. Our API serves as a repository of client reservations, managing all the fulfillment requirements. As well as, linking to our reviews API to get pre and post comments for a business.


With the use of our SoftFork Content Management System, businesses of all types can manage all of the information from one centralized "dashboard." In order to extend the power of this integration, SoftPoint has created a Content API where developers and providers can sign in to our platform and offer up to the minute information on any registered business.


In order to open the doors to more business, SoftPoint Order Processing API allows users to make orders online for any business type. This plug-in allows developers to be able to offer ordering immediately for any business subscribed to our ordering process. Our API manages the entire process, from menu display, selection, client specifics, fulfillment to payments.


Today businesses have to manage many locations where reviews and comments about their business are posted. This has become a very tedious process. To manage this, SoftPoint created the Review API. The Review API allows businesses and developers to access review content and scoring from many different locations in order to centralize responses and/or broadcast information to their clients.


For more information on additional requirements and terms in becoming a SoftPoint Developer, please contact us at


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